About us

A photo of the founders selling Permastake at a trade show

The founders in earlier days


We started with a problem

Like many family businesses Perma·stake™ garden marker got its roots from a simple problem. Available metal plant markers weren’t getting the job done. Their flimsy make-up would get knocked over and easily break. They lacked space to write detailed descriptions. They were not built to last long Canadian winters.

Problem solved

We own a small farm in the Beaver Valley. Our goal was to design a strong label for our garden that would not break, trip us, or easily bend. It was to have a simple, pleasant appearance and not be distracting from the beauty in the garden. 

We were so happy with these aluminum plant markers that we decided to manufacture and share this remarkable garden solution. We named it Perma·stake™ for the lasting quality. 

20 Years of Perma·stake

Manufacturing in Toronto for the marker started in 1999, and after making them for over 20 years our product continues to be of the highest quality to continue to meet the needs of our customers. Our garden markers have been used by expert gardeners, nurseries, farms and botanical gardens season-after-season to make each one "a spot to remember."