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The Best Garden Marker

It's the sleek, discreet, hangable, rustproof,
double-sided, superstrong, eco-friendly, and personalized 
garden marker that you've been looking for!

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Perma·stake is the metal garden marker, made of aluminum that's weatherproof and solves many garden problems. Produced by a family-run manufacturing business for over 20 years, the garden marker identifies plants, trees, and shrubs with reliable, reusable and sustainable performance year after year.

The durable and unbreakable metal material makes it hard to bend and immune to rust. It can be used and re-used through many gardening seasons – or even used as a digger or plant spacer/ruler. 

The spacious, double-sided, triangular, and smooth metal surface allows a gardener to write proper botanical names, when to water, fertilizer types, harvest time, when to cut to dry, when to apply seasonal care - the possibilities are endless.

Its discrete appearance doesn’t distract from the beauty of your garden, disappearing beside lush leaves and stems. Yet it is visible during the winter months and in Spring meaning you won’t need to guess where your bulbs, plants and shrubs will be growing.

Low vision persons can apply larger markings or even braille dots for easy garden identification.

The hole near the bottom of each plant marker also allows you to hang or attach it to taller trees and shrubs to identify them as well.

The combination of its weatherproof, double-sided permanency, eco-friendly material and discrete appearance truly makes our marker the best there is.

Three useful sizes


For seeds, bulbs and houseplants

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For most gardening needs

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For larger plants and trees

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Where did I plant that?

Permastake™ blends easily with your Summer garden – but is also highly visible in Spring, Winter, and Fall – no more planting mistakes!

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3 sizes to choose from


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What Our customers say

They’re a great product. I have about 300 of them on the go in my garden at any one time.


Great product. Light, versatile and long lasting. The stakes also conveniently have a hole for hanging them on our woody plants. Thank you for the many years of great service!

DARREN HEIMBECKER, Whistling Gardens

I've been gardening for over 50 years. I'm a business owner of a garden centre and landscaping company. Of all the garden markers available, this is the one. It's the most pleasing to the eye, most effective and is of excellent quality. This is my #1 pick!!!

KAREN CHARRON, Yesterday's Garden

Best garden product I’ve used in some time. The yearly cycle of using wooden stickers to label plants is now elegantly solved! Permanent, Attractive and Reusable can’t get any better!


For years, I have been using plastic plant labels in my containers and main garden area. They didn’t last long and weren’t weatherproof. This past year, I found Permastake garden markers and they are weatherproof and built to last forever. Best of all, they add beauty and a  professional look to my garden.

PETE Home Gardening With Pete